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What You Should Know About Horse Racing Carryovers

Horse racing is an exciting sport with a long and illustrious history. The ability to place bets and win money is appealing to many fans. Taking advantage of carryovers is one way to improve your chances of winning. Carryovers are beneficial to the sport because they increase the excitement and drama of the races. They also provide opportunities for smart bettors to make big money.

Keep an eye out for carryover races if you’re looking for a way to spice up your horse betting.

What exactly is a Carryover?

A carryover occurs when bettors do not win on a particular day. Carryover bets on horses of this type of horse racing are Pick 4, 5, or 6. The most common is a Pick 6, although it has a low success rate.

If bettors did not correctly predict all six Pick 6 winners, the racetracks’ working committee would distribute a portion of the pool to bettors who correctly predicted the winners of each race (without experiencing a loss). The committee will carry the remaining collection to the next race the following day.

This process will be followed until a winner is chosen. As a result, unless a winner is selected, the horse racing carryover is intense and can potentially exceed the expected return. It’s one of the reasons carryover bets are so popular among horse race bettors, exceptionally experienced ones.

Continue reading below to learn about carryovers and the best you can place.

Carryover Bets That Are Popular

As previously stated, any jackpot or multiple bets that form a pool that does not win on the day of the race can be carried over. That is why it is referred to as ‘carryover.’ The following are the most common types of bets:

Pick four, five, or six.

In these bets, you choose four, five, or six winners of specific races. If the bettor did not correctly predict any of the winners, the money would be carried to the following day’s horse racing event.

Jackpot Pick five or Pick 6

It’s similar to the Pick 5 or Pick six wager mentioned earlier. In this type of wager, however, you should be the sole winning lottery ticket with the correct combination of all 5 or 6 numbers.

Jackpot Pentafecta or Super Hi 5

To win the Super High Five, you must pick the first five finishers in a specific race in the exact order they finish. It’s become a famous wager in either Standardbred or harness horse racing

Carryovers of Various Types

Any beginner should be aware of the three different types of carryovers.

Jackpot Rollover

The prize pool will be won by one ticket holder only. If more than one person has a winning ticket, the racetrack will distribute a portion of the collection to the following races. The pool money is distributed to all winning tickets in a jackpot carryover.

The carryover on a Roll

Multiple races on the same day are eligible for rolling carryovers. If no winner is declared, the prize pool is transferred to the next race, and so on, until a winner is determined.

Typical Carryover

There is no one-of-a-kind winning ticket in traditional carryovers. Instead, the prize pool is usually carried over to the next race. If carryover bets are offered on both following races the next day, the carryover wager will be available only in the final race.

Additional Information You Should Be Aware Of

In the gambling community, there is a belief that “money attracts more money.” As a result, bettors who want to win a large sum will be more interested in betting on the carryover pool.

Furthermore, experienced bettors who understand the value of a horse typically wait until the carryover occurs. They believe that by placing carryover bets, they will be able to earn a much larger payout than with traditional wagers.

Last Thoughts

You can now go on a betting spree and bet on the horses in a carryover pool now that you understand what a carryover is its types, and the best you can place! Wagering on the pool allows you to maximize your benefit while minimizing risk. However, this can only happen if you’ve already practiced in this setting and made good predictions.

It is best to keep in mind that horse race betting always involves risks. So, exercise caution when placing bets. 


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