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How to Inspire Your Children’s Interest in Art

Do you recall the event that drew you into the world of art? Perhaps it was a sculpture park near your home, a weekend trip to the museum with a favorite relative, or even googly eyes and glue sticks.

Children today are shaping the next generation of creatives, curators, and collectors. We are responsible for opening these gates to the arts and allowing children to explore and create in the art world.

With this in mind, we devised methods to harness youthful creative energy and instill a deeper appreciation for art in children.

Allow Their Minds to Wander

Remember when your art teacher would introduce the new project and then spend half the class explaining how to complete it? Allow your children to get their hands dirty as soon as you submit them to a new craft. While instructions and guidance are essential, art is more about exploration than a methodology for younger children. Start them with some ideas and materials, then let them run with it.

Bring Them to Museums—but Be Patient!

Museums are excellent places to introduce children to art but don’t overburden them by dragging them through every exhibit. Allow them to explore at their leisure. Ask them questions and spend time discussing the pieces they’re interested in.

We also like Oren Miller’s Huffington Post article about a unique museum activity. When you arrive at a museum, start inside the gift shop and let your children choose a favorite postcard of work on display. Then go on a hunt and see if you can find it! This enables them to take a recollection with them, making art discovery personal and exciting.

Purchase Craft Supplies

Children are the original found-object artists and can turn almost anything into an unusual project. Ensure they have the essentials, such as glue, paper, and paint. A few empty boxes and markers are required for a child to create an art museum or make a gallery! Maintain a vigilant eye for exciting materials and stock up on items that can be used for multiple projects.

Make Sculptures Out of Public Art

Sculpture provides a unique hands-on opportunity to introduce children to the concept of art as a permanent and essential part of life. For this reason, murals and sculptures are frequently placed near playgrounds in public parks. Please make a point of noticing these facilities and asking what people think of them.

You can also pose more specific questions to them and have them incorporate the answers into their projects. Inquire about what they like about the sculpture and what they think could be improved. Then, have they investigate further at home using kid-friendly mediums such as Sculpey or Play-Doh. Also, don’t be afraid to share your insights and opinions; talking about how you feel about art will only encourage your children to do the same.

Put it in a Context They’ll Understand

Art can be complex for children to understand at times. So relating it to something they’re passionate about is an excellent way to pique their interest. Andy Bauch’s Lego art is a great example of art that people of all ages can appreciate. Do they have a thing for Minecraft or My Little Pony? Recommend a project that combines two or more of their interests, and they’ll jump right in.

Collaboration is essential.

Begin a group art installation and collaborate. If there’s a project that’s a little out of their league, but you know they’ll enjoy, handle the complex assembly and let them handle the more enjoyable steps and decoration. Take the time to recognize their individual touches.


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