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10 Ideas for Making an Accent Wall

It is natural to want a change after living in the same house for a long time within the four walls of a single room. Numerous people get tired of gazing at the same white walls and feel they require a splash of color and an accent in their room to make it stand out. However, painting can make a significant difference, sometimes more than you would like. Accent walls are a great way to add a subtle variation to the décor as well as the design of your room without going overboard.

Here are ten simple wall painting ideas and tips.

1. Make a proclamation

The simplest way to achieve the desired amount of accentuation on any wall is to create something in the center of the wall. In the center, add a pattern, some color, a wall painting, or anything unique. It would be immediately noticeable.

2. Opaque paints

A simple coat of paint can be used to create an accent wall. Choose your favorite color and paint the wall. Choose a muted tone for a more prominent wall, and experiment with a splash of any of your favorite colors for a smaller piece.

3. Experiment with paints

At times, a room’s color scheme can also create the desired highlighted effect. It is possible to create an accent wall. With a bright and solid color, however, get the oomph factor with a bold pattern like stripes, circles, shades, etc.

4. Patterns everywhere

A mandala, symmetrical designs, geometric patterns, and other patterns are visually appealing and eye-catching. You can achieve the desired look by using paints or even wallpaper. Prints can also be created using stencils.

5. Wood paneling

If you don’t want to paint, you can make creative and effective use of wood panels on a portion or the entire wall. These panels, which highlight the critical areas of the space without looking dull, can help you achieve an urban and rustic look. These panels would look great behind the bed or in a reading nook.

6. Patches

Paint splotches? Do not be concerned. Try this method of highlighting specific areas of your room or walls with patches. These can present you with a funky and strange look that will bring out your innocence. To achieve a perfectly patched look, use painter’s tape.

7. Textures

With the vast array of paints available on the market today, textured paint would be an excellent way to achieve the desired effect on the accent wall and change the room’s focal point in terms of ornamentation. Using a grainy or choppy texture on a plain wall could work wonders.

8. Neutrals

Are you surprised that neutrals can be used to highlight a specific wall? Accent walls can look just as good in a neutral color! Using a dark brown color on a beige wall can create a dramatic effect.

9. They do not match

When painting the walls, we usually prefer to go for a perfectly matched effect and accentuate accordingly. Too much matching can become tedious. Use different colored walls to bring out the color schemes in your room. Also, mix up the linens and furniture.

10. More compact areas

Highlighting even a tiny portion of your wall, such as behind the TV cabinet, a specific piece of furniture, the sofa area, or the ceiling, can work wonders. Accentuation does not have to be limited to large areas of wall space; smaller sizes can do the job just as well.

Enjoy the way your walls feel after you’ve finished highlighting them. This does not always have to be loud, costly, or time-consuming. You can get what you want subtly and cost-effectively. Bask in the glory of a new look and atmosphere.


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