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Why Gifts are important in our lives?

Gifts play an important role in our lives. They enhance our relations with our family, friends, and people. It doesn’t matter how big and small your gift is, In fact, it shows our love and purity for another person. It’s not important to exchange gifts on an important occasion. You can make someone happy whenever they need it. They speak of our love for one another. Some gifts are given out of kindness. A daughter/son may give a gift to his/her father or mother. Siblings can exchange gifts whenever it’s someone’s birthday or if they are celebrating their success. Now it does not always happen if someone’s are giving you a gift out of good intention. There are such people who bribe innocent by giving them gifts of their likes. Such gifts are not acceptable by anybody in the society. Even some religions teach the great importance of exchanging gifts.

The gifts which are bribed by someone are not something one should be proud of. They show one’s selfish nature. The intention behind these types of gifts is to get something valuable in return. Real gifts are the best prove to show someone our purity and sincerity. They enhance love between a husband and wife, a brother to his sister, a teacher and the student, an employee to his boss, and between best friends.

Gifts should not be oppressed for selfish desires. It is harmful to relations. It is indeed not easy to choose the right gift every time. Hence we can buy someone their needy things. For instance, if someone ever talked to you about what they are lacking in their life or what they are truly desired. Simply make them happy by buying it for them. It will help them in believing

themselves. Always keep a track of what you are buying for someone. Sometimes it’s possible for a person already possess the thing you bought for him. Furniture which exchanges between families are not gifts. It’s simply a gesture you are getting instead of one and the other.

Choosing gifts is also an art. Our gifts must represent three things.

  • First, our gifts should fulfill the needs of our loved ones.
  • Second, they should be the creation of us. They must match our partner’s nature.
  • Third, it’s better to DIY. What’s more valuable than a gift made by our own hands?

A gift is something nobody asks for. It should be unique and unexpected. It should consider the personality and nature of the person who gives it. Even a trivial and minor gift should be welcomed with feelings of recognition. Small gifts like flowers, notebooks, perfumes or scarf should not be discouraged. In fact flowers are considered the best gift throughout the world. Because flowers are pretty itself. And it shows people their true self. They are also remembered by the person with feelings of gratitude and emotions.

Gifts are emblem of love, trust and benevolence. They play an important role in making us love one another. They blend our attitude and sentiment. They evoke our feelings or generosity. They make us belief our good nature and help us ditch our pride and self-love. It is our virtue for others whichimpulse us to make our relations happy and help us overcoming our impairment and base feelings.

Here we will give you some ideas on surprising your Father on his special day.

Decorate a room for him with his favorite memories.

From his childhood to your birth, and so many things in between, your dad surely have a library of his beautiful memories in his mind. You can make some of these a reality insmall picture hanging all over his room, framed photo prints, a canvas paintings or even fabric wall art.

Kit out his office for him

It doesn’t matter if he’s retired or if he has a home based office, with individualized office supplies,you can gift your dad some of the things which can be added to his office collection. For instance, you can customize a tea cup with his picture or name written on it. That way he can drink tea from it and remembering the moment, even when you’re not together.

Design him a sportswear set

If your dad loves sports, you can design him his own set of workout accessories. Whether it’s customized support for his favorite team or a specific player or just something amusing, he’d definitely love it.

Throw a thank-you-dad party

Take something he truly desires, doesn’t matter if it’s a TV show, a sport event or any family video clip which he loves the most. Then make it turn into a themed party. Create customized decorations and customized cake preferred to the theme, party ware that not only will make it a memorable Father Day, but act as a great memento too.

Create a book to recall all the amazing moments you spent together

From the day he was born, his teenage, his adult life, his job interviews moment, the moments when your dad has been there for you through good or bad times, simply capture everything and turn it into a picture book. You can even make an edit video on it and play it on a TV or write something to go with each photo.

Let him know how cool he is

We all know dads feels shy to approve if his kid tells him he is cool. But it’s totally okay to tell him that. DIY some cool photo gifts and let him know that he is really special.

Give him the ultimate dad joke

Whether it is his shaving cream all over his face, or a picture of his sleepy face, jump on the trend and give him his customized pranks face gift for Father’s Day. You can even surprise you dad bygiving a frame printing your favorite dad joke on it!

Get him all dressed up and takes him to dinner

Sometimes what a person really need is a fresh evening with a nice dinner reserved in a giant restaurant. This could make him happy and relax for a while out from his worries.Spent some quality time with your dad to let him know how importanthis existence is. Find him right fashion styles. Tell him that he looks minus his age.

Give him the perfect Father’s Day gift

No matter what you planned to surprise your father, remember it’s only the thought which counts. Buy something that is truly adorable to him or more than something personal, that you havemade it yourself. You can even cook something for him which he craves for.


Gifts are so related to our lives that we can’t think one without it. No matter what occasion it is, whether a birthday, a celebration. Office party, welcome home party or even some one’s retirement day. You can make someone’s day by giving them a gift out of your true gesture. Gifts shows our true nature. Even if you fought with someone you truly want to make it up to them. And you are worried you might get rejected. Buy them a gift and then compensate. That way it would become impossible to reject someone’s apology.


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